About me

Hi I’m Janie, aka The Thin Ruler!

I’m also the author of Slim Rules, my soon to be available ebook.

Like many others, I was a fat teenager. By my late teens I achieved thinness the wrong way. By starving myself. By my mid-twenties I had numerous health problems, mostly to do with my self-inflicted weak digestive system. What followed was years of doctors, fad diets and alternative therapies. I eventually studied wholefoods and began to understand the facts about nutrition, how the body metabolises food, and how this can affect our overall health. As I still struggled to maintain my ideal weight I continued to read everything about weight loss I could get my hands on. I also started to ask thin people what their secrets were. I started to watch them in cafes observing what they ordered and how much they ate. And, as I’ve been a magazine editor for most of my career, I also had the opportunity to quiz celebrities and models, people whose professional success relies on their physical appearance, about their eating habits. All of this knowledge combined became the basis of the Slim Rules.

The essence of what I believe is that if we had been given the right knowledge (what I call the ‘the Slim Rules’) when we were young, the chances are most of us would never have developed the life habits that have made us and continue to make us fat in the first place.

That’s why on this blog and in my book Slim Rules there are no recipes and absolutely no lists of how many kilojoules of this or that you have to eat to lose a tiny centimetre or two off your hips. In this book what you will find is knowledge – everything you need to know to get slim and stay slim.

Let’s get started!


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