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“Never eat what you can’t lift.” Miss Piggy

Dear reader,

The essence of what I believe, and what I explain in my ebook Slim Rules, is that if we had been given the right knowledge when we were young, the chances are most of us would never have developed the life habits that have made  us fat in the first place.

That’s why in Slim Rules – there are no recipes and absolutely no lists of how many kilojoules of this or that you have to eat to lose a tiny centimetre or two off your hips. In my book what you will find is knowledge – everything you need to know to get slim and stay slim. One of the key pieces of knowledge most of us don’t fully understand is how to work with our body’s own ‘metabolism cycle’ to assist us achieve our optimal weight. That’s why Slim Rules is structured around a 24-hour day. In Slim Rules you’ll learn that it’s not just what you eat, but when you eat (and even when you don’t eat) that’s important.

Each chapter of Slim Rules contains a simple Rule. There are 10 Rules in total. Every Rule is a new habit you will learn and then use to replace the existing habits that have led you to be your current weight.

Numerous studies about the brain have proved that it’s very hard to change old habits by will power alone. It’s much easier to simply start new habits. This is because when the brain learns something (such as the best route to drive to work in the morning) it creates ‘wiring’ for this habit. This wiring stays in your brain virtually forever, which explains why when you visit your home town after many years have passed you still know exactly how to get to the nearest cake shop!

Now, imagine a friend shows you a new, quicker route to drive to work one day. The next morning when you hop in your car you may intend to take the new route, but if you’re not concentrating you may find yourself automatically turning right where you should have turned left. This is because the old route is still the dominant wiring in your brain. But a week or two later, when you’ve taken the new route every day, you’ll automatically make all the right turns. The new wiring will have become ‘set’ and you will have successfully created a new habit. So, every time you reach for the biscuit tin, you’re simply repeating an old habit. What you need to do is create a new habit, such as reaching for a carrot stick. After a week or two the new habit ‘carrot stick’ will become your new wiring.

Sounds good huh?

Love Janie




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